4 Warning Signs that your Boiler is Dangerous


Thinking that your boiler is dangerous is not a good feeling. Most of us know the harm that carbon monoxide can cause, and since it is a colourless and odourless gas it’s a worry that it could strike without us knowing.

The truth is, just because your boiler is faulty it doesn’t mean it will be dangerous. But there is certainly a higher chance that it could be emitting the deadly gas if it is faulty.

So what are the signs that your boiler is dangerous? We’ve compiled the top 4 warning signs.

1. The smell of spent gas or fumes

Carbon monoxide gas has an odour added to it so we can smell it. So if you can smell it coming from your boiler or from anywhere else in your house, you should switch your boiler off straight away. If there is a gas leak, you might not always smell the gas, so there are other warning signs to look out for too.

2. Your boiler’s pilot light going out constantly or a yellow flame

engineer checking if boiler is dangerous Your boiler is dangerous if the pilot light is yellow. It should be a strong blue flame. If the light keeps going out, don’t just reset it – get a Gas Safe engineer in to have a look at your boiler.

3. Black marks or soot around the boiler

If you can see black marks on the boiler or in the area where it is kept, that’s a reason to switch it off. Get an engineer round to check it over, as there could be a carbon monoxide leak.

4. You’re noticing you’re getting lots of headaches or feeling sick

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause headaches and nausea in victims before it gets more serious. If you notice that these feelings increase when your boiler is running, it’s very likely that your symptoms are caused by the boiler.

If you’re worried that your boiler is dangerous, always get a Gas Safe engineer out to come and inspect it. There is no point worrying about it when you could be reassured by a professional coming in to check everything is OK.

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