7 Tips to Avoid Illegal Gas Safe Engineers

Did you know that any UK professional who works on gas boilers has to be on the Gas Safe register? It’s the official list of engineers who are able to work on gas appliances legally and safely.

Unfortunately, there are traders around using fake Gas Safe cards. It’s vital to avoid these rogue professionals – any work they do on your boiler will be illegal and could be unsafe.

How to avoid illegal Gas Safe engineers

There are 7 things you can do to avoid illegal Gas Safe engineers – check their Gas Safe ID card for certain features. Don’t be afraid to ask for their card! And if they can’t produce one, don’t let them do the work on your boiler.

1. Check their photo

Is their photo a true likeness? Check whether their picture is up-to-date. The card is renewed every year, so they shouldn’t have a picture that is years old on there.

2. Look at the start and expiry dates

As the card is renewed every year, the card should only be valid for this period. Make sure the card is in date.

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3. Check the licence number

Check the licence number against the Gas Safe Register. You can do this easily online. Just use the checking tool on the Gas Safe Register website.

4. Inspect the security hologram

This hologram will be manufactured so it’s difficult for people to copy. Check that it is genuine.

5. Verify their company

The engineer’s card will tell you what business they are from. Make sure this matches up with what you were expecting.

If they’re from a company that we’ve matched you with, we’ll have already checked they’re Gas Safe registered. Fill in our online form to start finding Gas Safe registered engineers in your area now.

6. Check they’re qualified

Not all gas engineers are qualified to do the same types of work. Check that they’re qualified to carry out the work you want them to do by looking at the details on the back of the card.

7. See if their qualifications are valid

The back of the card will also tell you whether their qualifications are in date. If they’re not, don’t let them carry out the work.

Whether your engineer is servicing, replacing or repairing your boiler, these tips will help you to ensure that you employ a Gas Safe registered installer.

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