There are five models in the ATAG boiler range. The E-series has a 22kW and 32kW model whilst the Q-series has the 25kW, 38kW and 51kW versions. ATAG boilers tend to have a stylish appeal that fits comfortably with the kitchen d├ęcor.

The E-series models benefit from being compact and lightweight, so as more suitable for smaller properties.

On the other hand, the Q-series boilers are much more powerful than their E-series counterparts. This makes them suitable for larger homes and with a 14L water cylinder you can have domestic water on demand.

This has a substantial benefit because even though they are combi boilers, they also act like a system boiler so more than one part of the home can receive hot water at the same time. This is possible without having an effect on flow rate too.

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