What you need to know about Baxi boilers


Baxi boilers are one of the largest manufacturers not only in the UK, but also Europe, and have a long history in the industry, stretching back to 1866. They’re also one of the most recognised boiler brands in this country.

Baxi have a commitment to innovation and excellence and have produced a range of boilers to suit any property and heating type.

Based in East Midlands, Baxi boilers have a SEDBUK A-rating and are notorious for being easy-to-use. Essentially they have built up trust with consumers, who know to expect high quality products.

If you’re considering a Baxi boiler then you’re in exactly the right place. We’ll give you more understanding on the benefits and savings, as well as the different types at your disposal.

Baxi boiler types

Baxi has a range of boilers to meet many demands, including combi boilers, back boilers, heat only and system boilers. They’re able to run off of both gas and LPG.

Nowadays condensing boilers are a household favourite purely because of their high energy efficiency. Being compact in size they’re easy to fit around the home, especially when space is limited. There are four Baxi boilers in the combi range: Platinum, Duo-tec, Neta-tec and Avanta.

You can opt for something other than a combi boiler though and system boilers still hold some popularity. Baxi’s range includes the Megaflo Compact GA, Megaflo HE A and the Avanta Plus. Solo HE A and Avanta are also available in the heat only range.

So which type of boiler should you choose? Well, a lot will come down to the type of home you live in and how much heat and hot water is required.

If you live in a flat or terraced house with 10 radiators and a bathroom, then you’ll probably be looking towards a boiler with a 24-27kW output. A larger home with three or four bedrooms will have you looking towards a 28kW output, whilst any larger than that and you should be aiming at a 30kW.

How much does a Baxi boiler cost?

As with any boiler manufacturer, prices for Baxi boilers will vary based on the size and model you choose.

Realistically you can be looking at anything between £700 and £1,300 and you’ll then need to factor in labour.

Here we list the typical prices for Baxi’s main models:

  • Baxi Duo-tec 2 combi 33 GA = £910
  • Baxi Duo-tec 2 combi 40 GA = £960
  • Baxi Megaflo2 system compact 12 GA = £680
  • Baxi Megaflo 2 system compact 18 GA = £720
  • Baxi Neta-tec combi 28 GA = £720
  • Baxi Neta-tec combi 33 GA = £800
  • Baxi Megaflo system 24 HE A =£695
  • Baxi Solo 18 HE A = £740
  • Baxi Solo 30 HE A = £830
  • Baxi Nato-tec combi 24 GA = £640
  • Baxi Platinum C24 HE A = £910
  • Baxi Platinum C33 HE A = £1,170

The best way for you to get a great deal on your new boiler is to compare quotes. Test the market and see how far your money will stretch. As always, ensure you choose a boiler engineer who is Gas Safe registered, but you don’t necessarily need to use one of the big companies.

We recommend comparing quotes from up to four professionals as this will give you a pretty decent lie of the land.

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