Biomass the best alternative for businesses


If you own a business then it’s past time to think about biomass as a viable heating alternative. With a biomass boiler you can save and earn your business thousands of pounds by moving away from fossil fuels and expensive National Grid rates.

In fact, the Carbon Trust believes biomass has the potential to deliver the most cost effective savings of all renewable technologies, including solar panels and heat pumps.

A guide created by the Carbon Trust provides guidance to businesses which are considering turning to biomass for their heating.

According to the guide, an astonishing 20 million tonnes of CO2 would be reduced every year by using the UK’s biomass resources.

The guide itself looks into large scale biomass boilers with a 100kW to 3MW size and burning solid fuels such as wood chips and pellets. It is of course these products which burn most efficiently.

Some of the UK’s leading biomass experts helped to prepare the guide, which focuses on many key aspects such as the initial assessment, the installation and ongoing maintenance tips.

If you’re keen on biomass then it’s certainly worthwhile to check out the Carbon Trust as an impartial and informative website covering low carbon technologies. Don’t forget, by replacing your conventional heating system with a biomass boiler you stand to save and earn thousands of pounds every year.

This means there’s every reason to invest, especially if the time has come to replace your old and outdated boiler. Of course, as a boiler gets older, the chances of a breakdown become more likely.

With biomass you can avoid the common problems of normal boilers and start saving a fortune at the same time.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Biomass boilers are part of the renewable group and will help you save hundreds of pounds every year.
  • You can receive a guaranteed Government income with biomass, known as the Renewable Heat Incentive.
  • By replacing your old boiler you’ll be able to avoid the costly repair bills if something goes wrong to your old boiler.
  • Ensure to have a regular boiler service so any hidden faults can be identified before anything goes wrong.

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