How much will a biomass boiler cost?


Biomass boilers are a great renewable technology that can save you a fortune in heating bills.

Although they may not be the cheapest of investments, with domestic systems costing around £10,000 and larger commercial boilers starting at around £20,000, they’re certainly worthwhile.

If you’re interested in a biomass boiler then you’ll first of all want to speak with an expert in the industry.

They will be able to draw up plans and offer a system unique to your property. There will be certain variables to consider though:

  • Type of fuel

Biomass boilers use renewable sources to produce heat and this could be logs, wood pellets, chips or even agricultural waste. The product you use should be chosen based on the availability and individual needs. A lot will come down to the type of home you own and the storage space available.

  • Fuel feed

This will typically be either manual or automatic. Your initial investment will be cheaper if you purchase a manual feed boiler, but obviously an automatic feeder will be easier.

The size of the biomass boiler

  • Of course, the size will be dependent upon the household or building which is to be heated. The higher the kW, the more heat your biomass boiler will produce
  • Depending on the system, you may need a backup boiler to provide your full heating needs.

A biomass boiler professional will come out to your home to make an assessment of the property. Any quotation that’s provided should cover all work and equipment, including the submission of Renewable Heat Incentive paperwork. The RHI is a Government scheme which ensures you’re paid for the heat you produce.

Overall, a biomass boiler will set you back more than if you purchased a gas or oil system, but what’s to be considered is the money you’ll save on bills and earn through the RHI. The price of wood is not expected to increase at the same rate as fossil fuels will in the future either.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Biomass boilers are part of the renewable group and will help you save hundreds of pounds every year.
  • You can receive a guaranteed Government income with biomass, known as the Renewable Heat Incentive.
  • By replacing your old boiler you’ll be able to avoid the costly repair bills if something goes wrong to your old boiler.
  • Ensure to have a regular boiler service so any hidden faults can be identified before anything goes wrong.

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