An introduction to biomass boilers


Biomass boilers are becoming more popular in the UK as a way to heat the home, especially as the price of National Grid energy is on the rise.

They burn renewable products such as logs, pellets and wood chips. The full range of biomass boilers can also burn crops and industrial waste.

These systems are a perfect way to save money on your bills and can heat a single room or your whole property.

You can also heat water in your home as well, providing your full heating needs.

The good news with biomass as well is there is no ongoing maintenance needed, unlike with other renewables such as solar and heat pumps.

Is a biomass boiler suitable for my home?

There are two varieties of biomass heat to consider. Firstly there’s the wood burning stoves which require a room with a chimney or flue. Wood burners tend to heat just one room and are easy to use. In fact, they’re perfect for the living room in winter when you don’t want to heat up the entire house.

Wood burners come in many shapes and sizes, burning both logs and pellets. They’re easy to maintain and produce much less ash.

Then you have biomass boilers to consider, which tend to be larger than an oil or gas equivalent. If you’re not connected to the gas grid and have storage available to keep the wood then these boilers are ideal.

Preferably you’ll want to keep the wood in a dry place which isn’t affected by damp and moisture. The wood will burn less efficiently if wet. Wood pellets can be unusable if wet. Also think about how the wood will be delivered. You need to have an accessible area for a truck or lorry.

Installing the biomass boiler

The boiler itself will need to comply with all building regulations, and if you live in a Conservation Area it can it tricky to get permission. Always check with your local council before going ahead with an installation, especially with the fitting of a flue.

With luck, your existing plumbing can be used for the biomass boiler because otherwise you’ll have to shell out a little more. When your boiler is installed also ask how easy it will be to receive a regular service. These are paramount to efficiency levels remaining high and ensuring any faults are found out quickly.

Remember, the fuel costs will vary from company to company so try to highlight a few potential suppliers. It’s always wise to keep an eye out for the cheapest deal because you don’t want to be spending more than necessary.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Biomass boilers are part of the renewable group and will help you save hundreds of pounds every year.
  • You can receive a guaranteed Government income with biomass, known as the Renewable Heat Incentive.
  • By replacing your old boiler you’ll be able to avoid the costly repair bills if something goes wrong to your old boiler.
  • Ensure to have a regular boiler service so any hidden faults can be identified before anything goes wrong.

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