Boiler breakdown service and repairs


The boiler is one of the most important parts of any home, needed to provide heat and hot water throughout the year. When a boiler breakdown strikes it cripples any household.

In fact, many homeowners can’t imagine life without their boiler functioning normally, so why is it that the boiler is often left unserviced? If you lose your boiler in the heart of winter, call out charges alone for a boiler engineer can fetch up to £300. This is best avoided by having a regular boiler service.

And because boiler breakdown can happen at any time, you never know when yours could breakdown.

Boiler service

A boiler service should really be carried out once a year if you want to be sure of avoiding any major boiler breakdown problems.

Boiler services will ensure the system is operating efficiently and check for any hidden issues that could cause a fault.

One of the main things a service will highlight is whether there is a carbon monoxide leak. Carbon monoxide poisoning hospitalises hundreds of homeowners every year and the gas is almost impossible to detect, being both odourless and colourless.

Aside from having the annual boiler service, you should also contact a boiler engineer if any of the following applies to you:

  • The pilot light extinguishing regularly
  • The pilot light’s flame being unusually small or partly yellow or orange
  • There is soot or staining on the boiler

Of course, by having a service regularly you’ll:

  • Avoid paying out large repair bills
  • Keep as safe as possible
  • Prevent a boiler breakdown

Boiler repairs
Unfortunately though, no matter our best efforts, sometimes the boiler will fault and be in need of repair work. Of course, if this happens to you you’ll want the problem dealt with as soon as possible to avoid any lack of heat and hot water.

Because there are a whole range of problems that could strike your boiler, the cost will vary for repair work.
Just remember, that over the winter period call-out charges can double and a boiler breakdown is more likely for installations over 10-years-old.

Our advice would be to consider investing in an A-rated efficient boiler to replace your old, inefficient system. This way you’ll reduce your bills and ensure a fault doesn’t happen in the near future.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Heating accounts for around 60% of the annual household bill and a new boiler can slash expenses.
  • By replacing your old and inefficient boiler you can save up to £310 a year according to the Energy Saving Trust.
  • Energy prices have doubled since 2004 and will double again by 2020, so secure your energy future with an A-rated boiler.
  • An annual boiler service costs between £50 and £100 but could save you hundreds of pounds on future repair work.
  • With a new boiler you can slash carbon dioxide emissions by a whopping 1,200kg each year.

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