What qualifications should your boiler engineer have?


When it comes to your boiler you have to be really careful about who you let install or repair it. The boiler is no doubt one of the most important appliances in your home, helping to provide heat and hot water throughout the year. And not only can you be left with expensive repairs if something goes wrong, but it’s also extremely dangerous if left in the wrong hands.

From leaking the poisonous gas carbon monoxide, to causing fires or even exploding, a wrongly fitted boiler presents a number of life-threatening hazards.

For this reason it’s crucial to only allow Gas Safe registered engineers to work on your boiler. By choosing a Gas Safe engineer you’ll know they’re competent and hold all the right qualifications to safely work with gas appliances. Don’t forget Gas Safe isn’t limited to your boiler and should also be taken into account with regards to gas fires and gas ovens/hobs.

Therefore, before even letting the engineer into your home, check they’re Gas Safe registered. If you don’t do this you’re putting yourself at risk and even invalidating your home insurance.

So how can you check their credentials? Well actually it’s pretty easy. All Gas Safe engineers will have a Gas Safe Register ID card and they’ll carry it with them at all times. On the card you’ll find a unique identification number, which can then be checked at the Gas Safe Register online.

Don’t be fooled into thinking a Gas Safe engineer can work on any gas appliance though, as different qualifications are needed depending on the type of gas work. For instance, LPG and natural gas boilers hold different qualifications. Other examples include cookers and gas fires.

Hopefully you realise now how essential Gas Safe qualifications are and will ensure your engineer is registered. It’s easy to keep your home protected, so don’t hesitate to check online.

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