Oil boiler installation cost

Heating accounts for at least 60% of the average household energy bills, so inefficient systems will be costing hundreds of pounds extra every year. On top of this, if a problem strikes you’ll be left without heat and hot water until you can afford the call-out charges and repair bills to fix the fault.

An oil boiler which is older than 10 years is much more likely to suffer a fault, so you want to at least be having a six monthly service to make sure everything will run smoothly. Without this you risk losing heat when you need it most during the colder months.

Oil is a more expensive fuel as it is, compared to gas and electricity. Therefore you should be considering ways to cut your annual bills and a replacement oil boiler is the perfect way to do just that.

For homeowners not connected to the gas grid, oil is one of the foremost ways to heat the home. If by chance you do have access to the National Grid, even consider switching your supply to mains gas.

Oil boiler installation cost

Depending on your home’s needs, an oil boiler can vary in cost. Below you can see the different prices associated with an oil boiler:

  • Combination oil boiler installation cost – £2,310
  • Heat only oil boiler installation cost – £1,300
  • Average oil boiler installation cost – £1,900

Of course, the above prices are based on past consumers who have installed an oil boiler and every home and system is different. To get the best oil boiler prices in your area, be sure to compare quotes by using a quick and easy service.

Replacement oil boiler benefits

There are a number of benefits associated with a replacement oil boiler and these would include:

  • Heating bill reductions

By replacing your boiler you’ll have the opportunity to reduce your energy bills by heating your home more efficiently. New, modern boilers convert more hot gas into heat for the home, reducing energy bills up to £300 a year by ensuring you needn’t turn up the thermostat.


  • Minimise risk of boiler breakdown

A modern boiler will be less likely to breakdown than your older system, which could be working at efficiencies as low as 70%. A breakdown can end up costing you hundreds of pounds on call-out charges and repair bills.

  • Create a safer home

Inefficient boilers can be quite dangerous as poisonous carbon monoxide emissions could be leaked. Monoxide poisoning kills and hospitalises hundreds of people every year. The gas is almost undetectable, being clear and odourless, so ensure to have your boiler serviced regularly to avoid a fault.

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