When should you replace your boiler?


Your boiler is one of the most important appliances in your home. If you doubt this, then you’re fortunate and have probably never experienced a breakdown. Of course, you rely on your boiler more in the winter months, but despite this, the Energy Saving Trust say the boiler is responsible for over 50% of your household energy bills.

This means it’s important to ensure your boiler is working to an optimum level all year round, keeping your bills down and churning out heat efficiently.

If your boiler isn’t working efficiently, you could be wasting over £300 every year. But the problem is, how do you know when to replace?

Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

How much will I really save?

There is a great deal of money to save by replacing your boiler and those with inefficient systems can save up to £310 annually. If you’re replacing a boiler from the 90s or 00s then savings will probably be half of this.

A new boiler will cost between £2,000 and £3,000 on average which means it will take a while to payback the installation with money saved on bills alone. But where you’ll really see a difference is with call-outs and repairs.

Boiler engineers can charge £200 a time just to look at your boiler and this is before they whip out the calculator to work out your total expense. Replacing your old boiler avoids this and you’ll be left trouble-free.

When should I replace my boiler?

On average the typical boiler will give you 15 years of good service. After this you can expect efficiencies to deteriorate. With an annual service you can boost the life expectancy of your boiler.

Do I need services and insurance?

Your car is serviced every six months and annually you’ll have an MOT. This ensures it’s working well and addresses any problems that have sprung up.

With your boiler an annual service is essential. Without it you risk opening up the chequebook when something serious does happen. A service will ensure the boiler is safe and address issues before they become too expensive.

A service won’t set you back too much either, with costs ranging between £50 and £150.

Insurance cover is a different kettle of fish and homeowners are split in this regard. It’s a great backup and protects you from paying out a hefty sum in one go though. You can expect monthly payments of around £15.

What makes up the cost of a boiler?

So you’re going to invest in a new boiler? Great news, but you probably want to know where your money is going.

After all, a quick Google search will come back at £1,000 for an A-rated combi, so why are installation prices double this?

First off there’s the installation itself, which on average will cost £500 for a two-man day long job. Then you have the other necessities such as a system flush (£300), magnetic filtering (£100) or a condensate drain pipe (£100).

You could also consider thermostatic radiator valves (£20 a radiator), or even a wireless thermostat and controls (£150). Of course these aren’t all essentials and some won’t apply to your specific boiler, but as you can see the price quickly stacks up.

Who should install my boiler?

The last job now is to actually choose your installer. Do you pick a nationally recognised company or an independent installer?

Well Which?, a consumer watchdog, suggest independent companies offer better pricing and services all round. It’s always recommended to compare at least three or four quotes to get the best deal as well.

So now you know all the facts it’s time to start heating your home more efficiently!


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Replacing your old boiler could see you save up to £310 every year as you eradicate inefficiency.
  • Old boilers could be operating at just 70%, whilst modern replacements work in the high 90s.
  • By replacing your old boiler you’ll be able to avoid the costly repair bills if something goes wrong to your old boiler.
  • Ensure to have a regular boiler service so any hidden faults can be identified before anything goes wrong.

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