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Condensing boilers are the most popular type of boiler in the UK mainly because of their excellent efficiency levels. The reason for their name is that they will produce condense from time to time.

When it comes to heating your home, condensing boilers will help you keep your energy bills down. They use more of the heat generated by stopping hot gases escaping, instead retaining it for use in the home. To do this, a larger flue and heat exchanger is required. Occasionally you’ll find boilers for sale with a second heat exchanger too.

Essentially, less heat is lost and more extracted from the hot gas produced.

Boiler efficiency

Worcester Bosch have been rated as having the best condensing boilers for sale and the Greenstar model has efficiency levels over 90%. This means more than 90% of fuel burned is converted to heat. Remember, inefficient boilers can have efficiencies as little as 70%.

Boiler ratings range from A (the most efficient) to G (the least efficient). The Greenstar is given an A rating.
And due to Building Regulations which came into effect from 2005, any new boiler installed in the UK must be a condensing boiler. There are very rare exceptions to this rule, but effectively, installing a condensing boiler is your best way to cut bills.

Speak to a boiler installer

There are a range of boilers for sale in the UK and the best way of getting the system suited for your needs is to speak to a reputable installer. In Britain, combi boilers are the most popular home installation, and they provide hot water on demand whilst being extremely efficient.

Unlike traditional boilers, combi boilers can be mounted onto the kitchen wall too or fitted in a small cupboard. This takes away the need for a large water tank in the loft or airing cupboard.

And as always, make sure to compare up to four quotes from local and vetted professionals to ensure getting the best boilers for sale prices. Don’t take the first offer that comes your way, instead making sure to get the right deal for you.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Heating accounts for around 60% of the annual household bill and a new boiler can slash expenses.
  • By replacing your old and inefficient boiler you can save up to £310 a year according to the Energy Saving Trust.
  • Energy prices have doubled since 2004 and will double again by 2020, so secure your energy future with an A-rated boiler.
  • An annual boiler service costs between £50 and £100 but could save you hundreds of pounds on future repair work.
  • With a new boiler you can slash carbon dioxide emissions by a whopping 1,200kg each year.

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