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Combi Boiler Prices in 2019: How Much You’ll Need to Budget

This article is out of date – see the updated guide to for the cost of a new boiler here.

Think you might need to buy a new boiler in 2019? It’s a good idea to do some research on combi boiler prices so you’re prepared for how much it’s going to cost.

Not sure if you need a combi boiler? Combi boilers are the UK’s most popular boiler type, but they’re not ideal for everyone. Don’t worry – you can still use this article for a good idea of how much your new boiler might cost.

Up-to-date combi boiler prices

When you buy a new combi boiler, it’ll probably cost you somewhere between £500-£2,250. This is before you add on installation and any other extras.

This wide price range is mainly because some boilers are more powerful than others. Generally, the more powerful the boiler, the more expensive it is. However, pricing also depends on the manufacturer and quality.

Here are some average combi boiler prices to give you a general idea of how much you might spend:

Property size No. bathrooms Boiler power/output Price range
Flat/1-2 bed house 1 24-27kW £500-£1,500
3 bed house 1-2 28-35kW £700-£1,750
4+ bed house 2+ 36-42kW £750-£2,250

Of course, this is just a rough guide – a professional will be able to recommend the best combi boilers and give you accurate prices.

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4 extra costs to factor in

There are some extra costs on top of your combi boiler price that you’ll need to factor in when you’re budgeting. Here are 4 main extras that you might have to pay for:

1. Boiler installation

It’s essential to get a registered professional to install your new boiler. This will not only make sure that your new boiler is legally installed, it’ll also ensure that it’s safe.

Gas Safe registered boiler engineer checks combi boilerIt’s easy to check if a gas professional is registered – just use our directory of qualified heating engineers.

If you use a boiler engineer that we’ve put you in touch with you, we’ll have already checked they’re Gas Safe registered.

2. System flush

If your heating system’s a bit clogged up, a boiler engineer might recommend giving it a chemical or power flush before installation. This will help your new boiler to work efficiently and prolong its lifetime.

Make sure you find out if this is included in your boiler engineer’s quote or if they charge extra for it.

3. Filter fit

Your heating system might also need a magnetic filter fitted. This is to catch any dirt or debris floating around your pipes and help your boiler work efficiently.

Again, find out if this is included in your boiler engineer’s quote or if you’ll have to pay extra.

4. Heating controls

Most boilers come with heating controls. However, it’s a good idea to find out what’s included in your combi boiler price before you buy it. You might need to buy one a smart thermostat if you want more control over your heating or use your phone to adjust it remotely.

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