Combi Boilers: the Pros and Cons

Affordable combi boilers are really popular in the UK as an incredibly efficient heating system and help to reduce energy bills. Plus, they can easily fit into a kitchen cupboard and even hook onto a wall. And you don’t need space for a water storage tank in a loft or cupboard.

Their popularity is mainly because they can heat water quickly on demand. Now they’re the UK’s favourite system.

As well as heating water, combi boilers can also provide central heating for your home.

Why should I install a combi boiler?

A prime reason to install a combi boiler is convenience. With hot water on demand, you won’t need to wait hours for water to heat up if you want to have a bath. With a combi boiler, you’ll avoid varying water temperatures and have easy-to-use controls.

Another plus point to combi boilers is their small size. If you have an older boiler you’ll be familiar with how much space a water tank takes up. A combi boiler doesn’t need a water tank, so can fit easily into a cupboard or onto a wall.

Of course, energy efficiency is a big deciding factor when choosing a boiler. Combi boilers are the most efficient heating system on the market, reducing fuel wastage and lowering energy bills. In fact, it’s possible to save up to £300 a year.

Combi boiler pros

    • Reduce energy bills by up to £300 annually. This saves money and lowers fuel poverty
    • Heat your home efficiently and control temperature easily
    • Lower CO2 emissions by burning less fuel for heat, reducing damage to the environment
    • Improve your property’s Energy Performance Certificate, and increase the value of your home

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Combi boiler cons

The only major downside to combi boilers is that they need lots of cold water to heat up. So you often can’t use multiple water outlets at the same time. For example, you won’t be able to run a hot tap and have a shower at the same time without causing a drop in water pressure.

So while combi boilers have lots of advantages, this means that combi boilers aren’t really suitable for large households, where multiple bathrooms are used at the same time.


Top Facts You’ll Love to Share

    • Heating makes up around 60 % of a household’s annual bill, so getting a new and efficient combi boiler can significantly reduce expenses
    • According to the Energy Saving Trust, replacing your old, inefficient boiler could save you up to £310 a year.
    • Energy prices have doubled since 2004 and may double again by 2020, so protect your bank balance an A-rated boiler.
    • Getting your boiler serviced regularly could save you hundreds of pounds on repair work
    • A new boiler could cut your carbon emissions by a huge 1,200kg a year.

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