Top tips for gas boiler replacement

In our homes 60% of energy bills are a consequence of heating. For this reason it’s highly recommended to ensure you have an efficient boiler to help you save money every year.

Whilst making a gas boiler replacement decision isn’t an easy one, picking the right central heating for your home is slightly trickier. It’s important to make all the right choices as you’ll have this boiler for 15 years and more and will need the right style for your needs.

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With no gas boiler replacement, you’ll run the risk of a breakdown when you need heat most, leaving you with call-out charges and repair fees.

To help with the process of replacing a boiler, here are our top tips to guide you through the decision.

The budget

A gas boiler replacement isn’t the cheapest thing you’ll ever invest in, but it’s also far from being the most expensive.

Fortunately, the cost of investment can start being recouped almost instantly, with your annual heating bills being reduced depending on the old and new efficiency. The cost of a new boiler will vary from company to company and property to property, but you could spend as little as £1,000 for the boiler and installation costs.

Compare boiler quotes

As recommended by consumer watchdog Which? it’s important to compare a number of quotes to ensure of getting the right price and company for the work you want completed around the home. It shouldn’t just be a case of receiving one quotation and signing the dotted line. Compare up to four gas boiler replacement quotes with our free and easy service to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth and not missing out on a bargain.

Select the right boiler

In almost all cases the condensing boiler will be your system of choice. They are the most efficient boilers on the market because more heat is retained and converted into energy for your home. For those with a water tank in the loft or airing cupboard, a conventional boiler could be a cheaper alternative for an installation. Bear in mind that combi boilers are the most popular replacement condensing boiler in the UK, providing hot water on demand and fitted in a small cupboard or on the kitchen wall.

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The boiler size

Boilers come in all shapes and sizes, dependent on how much heat you need to generate for your home. Think about usage in particular, considering the number of bathrooms you have and how many people will be using hot water. A Gas Safe boiler engineer will be able to give you assistance on your personal dilemma, so ask if a larger system would be more beneficial to your home.

Re-siting the boiler

If you want the central heating boiler moved, you should consider your possibilities before hiring an engineer so the professional knows what to expect. There are a few reasons that you could need parts of the system such as water cylinder moved. Perhaps you’re completing a loft conversion or want the water tank moved from the airing cupboard to create extra space.

Preparation for the boiler

When you’ve a date set for your boiler to be installed, make sure you do all the preparation to make the job quick and easy for the engineer. Clear the space where the engineer will be working, including airing cupboards, loft space and kitchen worktops.

If you want to get the best gas boiler replacement quotes near you, make sure to compare prices with our free and easy online service.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Heating accounts for around 60% of the annual household bill and a new boiler can slash expenses.
  • By replacing your old and inefficient boiler you can save up to £310 a year according to the Energy Saving Trust.
  • Energy prices have doubled since 2004 and will double again by 2020, so secure your energy future with an A-rated boiler.
  • An annual boiler service costs between £50 and £100 but could save you hundreds of pounds on future repair work.
  • With a new boiler you can slash carbon dioxide emissions by a whopping 1,200kg each year.

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