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Glow Worm


Glow wormGlow Worm provides a range of combi boilers that are suited for domestic installations and are known for being easy to use and maintain. Their models are made to be very reliable and extremely efficient which has the dual benefits of reducing energy bills and cutting carbon emissions.

With combi boilers, hot water is supplied on demand which means there’s no need for a water storage tank. This opens up space in the loft or airing cupboard.

Glow Worm have several boiler models including: the Ultracom CXI, Flexicom CX, Ultracom CX, Betacom and Xtramax HE varieties. Aside from the Betacom, each has high efficiencies of over 90%, providing them with an A-rating. The Betacom has been issued with a B-rating, still being very efficient.

The varying models are ideal for different properties and outputs range from 23kW to 38kW. The smaller outputs are suitable for a one bedroomed house or flat, whilst the larger ones can heat a five bedroomed property.

Glow Worm combi boilers benefit from features such as a built-in frost protection and self-diagnostics to make it easy for consumers to use.

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