Energy grants for boilers


If you’re considering the replacement of your boiler then you’ll probably be interested to know if there are any schemes available to help with the installation costs.

Unfortunately, Government schemes such as the Warm Front and boiler scrappage scheme have ended, but other initiatives have taken their place.

The Warm Front

The Warm Front scheme came to an end on January 19, 2013. It was one of the better known energy efficiency schemes in the UK. A number of home improvements were covered by the scheme such as boiler replacement, loft lagging and wall cavity insulation. In fact, on occasions an entirely new central heating system was installed.

Assessors visited the property to determine what improvements could be made in accordance with becoming more energy efficient.

Other benefits and schemes

The elderly (aged over 60) can mostly receive help with energy bills in the winter months. Other areas of the demographic who qualify for assistance include families on a low income or receiving benefits.

Fuel Direct

The Fuel Direct payment is intended to suppose those who receive Income Support or any Jobseeker’s Allowance. If you’re struggling to pay fuel or water bills then you can receive payments to help cover these. They pay for both your current use and an agreed amount for unpaid bills. To find out if you could qualify, make sure to contact your local benefit office.

Winter Fuel Payment

This scheme is dedicated to those over 60 and aids people with their gas and electricity winter bills. A lump sum is paid out from the start of November, with most eligible applicants receiving funds before Christmas. £200 is awarded to homes with someone over 60, whilst over 80s receive £300.

Cold Weather Payment

These payments are issued to households in receipt of qualifying benefits, during the cold weather. The temperature must hit 0°C or less for seven days in a row (or be forecast to) and £25 is paid for each seven day period. This scheme is open from November 1 to March 31.

Warm Home Discount

This discount is provided for those directly struggling to pay their fuel bills and is worth £130.

Green Deal and ECO

The Green Deal is a Government scheme to support the uptake of energy efficient home improvements and a loan is issued to help with the installation costs. The loan is applied to the house rather than being a personal loan.

Included in the scheme are boilers, loft lagging, wall cavity insulation and double glazing.

Boiler Scrappage Scheme

This was a very popular scheme in the UK, with thousands of homeowners replacing their inefficient boilers with modern upgrades. However, because of the sheer popularity all vouchers have been taken and the scheme has therefore ended in England, Scotland and Wales.

Although the Government have no intentions to restart the scheme in the near future, some companies do offer their own version, whereby you can receive a discount by trading in your old boiler. Be wary though, because despite the discount, these companies may not always offer the best deal so make sure to compare quotes from up to four companies in your area.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Heating accounts for around 60% of the annual household bill and a new boiler can slash expenses.
  • By replacing your old and inefficient boiler you can save up to £310 a year according to the Energy Saving Trust.
  • Energy prices have doubled since 2004 and will double again by 2020, so secure your energy future with an A-rated boiler.
  • An annual boiler service costs between £50 and £100 but could save you hundreds of pounds on future repair work.
  • With a new boiler you can slash carbon dioxide emissions by a whopping 1,200kg each year.

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