HeatlineHeatline is a boiler manufacturer known for reliable and affordable combi boilers. On top of this their systems are often easy-to-use and highly efficient, helping to cut energy bills further. Heatline boilers are suitable for domestic installations because they provide hot water as and when it’s needed, without the use of a bulky storage tank.

Of course, this is a fantastic advantage as it opens up more space in your home, increasing the efficiency levels further. Heatline currently manufacture five variations of combi boilers: Soluxe, Solaris, Vizo, Capriz and Compact.

Soluxe and Solaris systems are both very efficient, with an A-rating and 98% efficiency. The Vizo and Capriz systems take a B-rating, whilst the Compact is the least efficient at level D.

Heatline boilers are renowned for being easy to use and install, with the efficient systems having semi-digital control systems designed to be user friendly. Whilst each type is a different size, they all have a10 litre per minute flow rate.

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