How efficient is my boiler?


Most modern boilers you’ll find on the market nowadays are classed as high efficiency. Essentially, this means they’ll be burning fuel and providing heat for your home efficiently.

New boilers tend to have efficiencies over 95%, compared to older systems of less than 70%. Upgrading your boiler can help you to save as much as £310 every year on heating bills.

So how can you tell if your boiler is efficient? Well, if it was installed within the last five years or so the chances are it’s a highly efficient condensing boiler. If your boiler is 10 years or older then it could well be wasting valuable money every year.

Boilers have been manufactured for heightened efficiency and this is down to the technology used. More heat is captured than ever before rather than being lost in the flue. Therefore, the gas exiting the flue is of a lower temperature and can cause condensation, with visible pluming exiting the flue.

When you compare these modern day boilers to the ones of years gone by, you have the opportunity to save 35p out of every £1 spent on gas.

Boiler energy ratings

In the UK, boiler ratings are governed by SEDBUK. The performance of boilers is studied and they’re given a subsequent score depending on how efficiently they operate. A number of factors come into play when assessing this efficiency too, including climate, fuel, boiler type and storage capability.

Essentially though it’ll come down to exactly how much fuel can be converted into heat. This is what’s going to save you money in the long term. From here, boilers are given a rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient). Anyone looking to upgrade their boiler is advised to choose one from either the A or B categories.

Is my boiler efficient?

If this is the first time you’ve heard of SEDBUK or boiler ratings, you may well want to know just how efficient your boiler is. This can be simply checked in the manual and you’ll find a corresponding letter rating and be made aware of how efficient the boiler is.

Of course, it’s not rare for paperwork to no longer be available and if this is the case there’s no need to fret. Just taking the boiler name and model number, you can do a quick search online to get the rating.

Should I repair or replace my boiler?

This is a questions that is often asked… if a boiler is 15 years or older then it may not be the best option to keep repairing it as the cost of repairing the boiler may be too much vs the cost of replacing it and having lower running costs.

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