What are LPG boilers?


LPG boilers are an alternative heating system for those who haven’t got access to the National Grid’s gas network. Liquefied petroleum gas central heating is deemed as very efficient and experts suggest it’s the option closest to mains gas. LPG heating provides heat that is very controllable for hot water and cooking.

LPG heating benefits

With LPG heating there are a number of reasons to consider this when you’re not connected to the gas grid. With LPG boilers the benefits include:

  • A more cost effective installation than an oil boiler. In fact, for a three-bedroom home you can save as much as £2,500 on the installation costs
  • LPG boilers provide a cleaner form of energy for non-gas heated homes, and in fact you can cut CO2 emissions by 11.7% than by using an oil boiler
  • LPG boilers can be integrated with renewable technology, in order to make even greater savings on bills
  • Can be fitted in various places in your home, providing the ultimate in flexibility.

Why does LPG beat other heating fuels?

  • Oil boilers

LPG boilers have a significant advantage over oil boilers for a number of reasons. Firstly, with excellent versatility it can be used for cooking, water and space heating. With LPG boilers you have highly controllable heating which will help to slash energy bills. On top of this you have the chance for more environmentally friendly heat, cutting carbon emissions. LPG boilers can even be installed underground to help save space in the home too.

  • Electricity

By choosing an LPG boiler over electrical heating, one of the major benefits is that prices will stay the same over a 24-hour period. This is rather than the peak time costs electricity suffers from. Of course, LPG boilers aren’t affected by power cuts either, so you’ll have a more reliable system. LPG offers instant heat and is cleaner for the environment too, so consider this efficient form of heating today.

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