Emergency plumber cost guide


Working out the plumbing cost you should expect to pay can be quite difficult, as prices will vary depending on what needs doing and the time of the year. In fact, emergency plumber costs over the Christmas period can set you back £300 for the call-out alone.

Other factors that’ll affect the plumber cost include:

  • The type and size of job you need doing. There are a number of reasons you may need the services of a plumber, from the unblocking of a drain to installing a full bathroom set. Therefore the time and effort required differs greatly.
  • Your location. The cost of a plumber will vary depending on where you live. In London, for example, plumbers cost a lot more than in a small town elsewhere in the country.
  • The plumbing materials. Plumbing materials will need to be factored into the cost, but quite often plumbers will be able to get discounted rates for parts.
  • Fixed or hourly rate. These are the two types of rate you can pay for a plumber and it’s recommended to get a fixed price, so you know exactly how much you’ll be paying.
  • Emergency plumbing. An emergency plumber will undoubtedly cost more especially if it’s in the middle of the night. Other times when plumbing will cost more is at weekends, bank holidays or winter periods.

Below we highlight some of the prices you’d expect to pay for plumbing in the UK:


Labour costs

When it comes to your plumbing needs, prices will vary depending on whether you’re paying an hourly rate or fixed cost. Wherever possible you should try and get a fixed price because this way you’ll know what to expect. It’s more common for plumbers to charge by the hour though, particularly when repairs are needed. You’ll be able to ascertain a budget by speaking to the plumber and asking a rough idea on time.

  • The average plumbing costs per hour in the UK range between £20 and £40

How much does it cost to unblock a drain?

Blocked drains can be a real frustration and cause serious problems over time. You could suffer flooding and damp entering your home. Of course, it’s possible to clear minor blockages yourself but larger clogs will need dealing with by a professional. Costs will typically range depending on the extent of the blockage, equipment used and plumber hired but:

  • Drain unblocking will cost around £88

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