RavenheatRavenheat are a popular boiler brand in the UK, having a pride in reliability, efficiency and affordability with their combis. Combi boilers are typically more efficient than other types of heating systems because they provide hot water on demand rather than storing it in a tank. This not only helps to reduce bills but will cut CO2 emissions as well.

Ravenheat have many boiler types they can offer homeowners, all depending on the needs of the household. However, with each if the boilers Ravenheat are aiming to create environmental friendliness, and many have an A-rating.

The A-rated boilers include: CSI 120, CSI85, CSI 150, HE85 and HE 120T models. Whilst their B-rated boiler is the CSI85b. Each can be purchased with a different output depending on the requirements of the buyer. These range between 25kW and 35kW, whilst they’re also easy to use and install.

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