BroagRemeha offers three different models in their boiler range. Each is manufactured to the same layout but the difference is in the input and flow rate.

Remeha only provides A-rates boilers, which is the highest efficiency rating possible. Their outputs will range from 6kW to 39kW, making the different models suitable for contrasting properties dependent on your needs. As an A-rated model they’re environmentally friendly and produce fewer CO2 emissions than other systems.

The heat exchanger incorporated within the Remeha ranges has a larger than average surface area so there’s less chance of scaling in areas with hard water. all of the models offered will be wall-mounted and with a stylish look blend in well to the kitchen environment.

The three models are 28c, the 35c and the 39c. The higher the figure, the greater their maximum output. The flow rate is the only other main difference, as mentioned.

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