Saunier Duval

Saunier Duval


Saunier DuvalThe Saunier Duval boiler range has four different varieties, with each having high efficiency levels. Included with each is a two year parts warranty and one year labour warrantee. The four ranges are the Thema range, ISOTWIN, ISOFAST and Semia range.

The different boilers tend to be suitable for varying properties. The Thema range of boilers is more suited to smaller properties, with two models: the F234E and F30E. The former is better for one bedroom homes or flats, whilst the later could serve a two or three bedroomed property.

The ISOFAST on the other hand is best for larger homes, such as a four bedroom property. The ISOTWIN would be best used when there’s a large volume of water needed, as it comes with an in-built storage system. Meanwhile the Semia range is similar to the Thema, but only has an efficiency level of B.

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