Why is underfloor heating your efficient choice?

When it comes to heating your home there are a number of different options for you to consider, and one that’s certainly come to the forefront of the market recently is underfloor heating.

It’s not like underfloor heating is a new invention either and staggeringly the concept has been around since Roman times.

However, since 2006 there has been a year-on-year growth for underfloor heating by 20%, with homeowners keen to install the energy efficient technology in their home.

Another reason for its rise in popularity is because of the number of new builds in the last few years, which underfloor heating can be perfectly implemented with.

So why is underfloor heating so popular? Here are the three main points:

Energy savings

With underfloor heating the entire floor is turned into the emitter. This means you have a heating system custom built to reflect the size of the room and won’t be wasting any heat whatsoever. This gives you the potential to save between 15% and 40% on your bills compared to other heating measures.

Renewable compatible

Underfloor heating uses a lower temperature for longer, which makes it perfect for renewable technology. As renewables become even more popular in the UK you can combine the system with a heat pump or even solar thermal panels. This gives you the best of both worlds, by harnessing a natural energy source and ensuring none of the heat produced is wasted.

Effective and efficient

Underfloor heating is extremely efficient, but why? Well, essentially your room is heated from the ground up. Normal radiators need to be turned up to a higher temperature to heat the room, whilst with underfloor heating there is an even spread. Heat naturally rises, so you have warmth wherever you go – and no cold spots.

Of course, there are a number of other benefits to choosing underfloor heating too and it’s not simply the three above mentioned. With underfloor heating you have the luxury of removing unsightly radiators and providing your home with extra wall space. You’ll also be able to walk around barefoot in the winter without worrying about cold feet.

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