Underfloor heating


Underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular for homes in the UK as an efficient way to heat properties. It’s particularly popular in conservatories and rooms which have wooden or tiled flooring, with homeowners understanding the major benefits underfloor heating presents.

Although it’s not difficult to install into an existing room, underfloor heating does garner more popularity for new builds and rooms undergoing renovation.

Because of the natural process in which heat rises, underfloor heating provides high efficiency levels. It can be fitted into the most irregular shaped rooms too, so you’re not limited depending on the space you want heated.

There are two types available for you to install in your home: wet systems and dry systems.

  • Wet underfloor heating

With a wet underfloor heating system you can heat water to temperatures of 65°C. Water is pumped through a system of hooped piping which is installed under your floor.

With underfloor heating you can be in direct control of the temperature too, with thermostats and manifolds, whilst combining the system with a condensing boiler is the best way to get optimal efficiency.

If you choose to have underfloor heating running throughout your home you can have thermostats to control each room’s heat.

  • Dry underfloor heating
  • Boiler200-6

Dry underfloor heating is powered by electric and cables are installed just a couple of inches below floor level. Dry underfloor heating can be installed into any property, but as always new builds or renovations work best.

And in terms of the flooring, dry underfloor systems will work best with tile, laminate or vinyl. As technology has improved over the years, systems are now more efficient and cheaper to install too.

There are different options too, with ribbon cables and heating mats adding the most in energy efficiency. Dry underfloor systems do heat water at a lower temperature than their wet heating counterparts, but it’s still sufficient for your property.

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