VaillantVaillant are one of the country’s leading combi boiler suppliers and pride themselves on reliability and domestic comfort. Combi boilers as a whole have seen a sharp rise in popularity, and are now seen in 70% of UK homes.

This is mainly because of their increased efficiencies, providing hot water on demand. With a combi you can expect to reduce energy bills and cut CO2 emissions as well.

There are four combi boilers in the Vaillant range: the ecoTEC exclusive, ecoTEC plus 937, ecoTEC plus and ecoTEC pro. Vaillant are renowned for being environmentally friendly and all their boilers have efficiencies over 90% (A-rated).

Each is easy to install and outputs range from 19kW to 30kW. This will vary depending on the household’s water needs.

Vaillant boilers are typically user friendly and built-in diagnostic displays make them easy to use and control.

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