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What is a Gas Safe check?

When it comes down to your boiler or any other gas appliance in your home, it’s important to know about Gas Safe. The Gas Safe register has replaced CORGI for gas safety and it’s now crucial to have your gas appliance checked once a year.

By failing to have your gas appliance’s safety checked, you risk a dangerous and potentially life-threatening hazard. Poorly maintained gas appliances can leak the dangerous carbon monoxide gas and cause a fire or even explode. To keep on top of your gas safety, an annual safety check is vital.

So when you have your gas appliance checked, what can you expect to happen? Well, below we outline what you’re paying for when a Gas Safe expert visits your home.

There are generally three things completed:

1. All gas appliances will be checked to ensure they have the correct settings, whilst making sure they burn correctly and have the right pressure.
2. There’ll be a check to see if the harmful gases are being safely removed and disposed of, rather than filtering into your home.
3. The ventilation route will be checked to ensure it’s clear and working properly.

If there are any problems identified during the inspection then the Gas Safe engineer will be in a position to service and fix your appliance. This is vital in maintaining the protection of your home and failing to do so can result in a severe hazard.

If you think there may be something wrong with one of your gas appliances then it’s important to act quickly and call out a Gas Safe registered engineer. Make sure to turn off your gas straight away until it can be seen by an expert.

There are some warning signs to watch out for:

  • The flame is yellow rather than the standard blue.
  • There is a lot of condensation build-up in the room.
  • You notice stains or black marks around the appliance.
  • The pilot light is continually extinguishing.

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