What is infrared heating?


If you’re thinking about different ways of heating your home, you might want to consider infrared panels. Ok, so they’re not like conventional radiators, but that’s no reason to dismiss them. In fact, you could even save some money with this modern way of heating.

Rather than heating space, infrared panels instead warm objects directly. So in this case, that’s you. You may well already be benefitting from infrared heating elsewhere in the home, such as a patio heater or electric fire.

These infrared heating panels can be wall or ceiling mounted and even built into furniture. You won’t have to wait for a room to be heated as you’ll be warmed directly. Adversely, when the heater is turned off, you’ll become cold quicker.

When positioning a heater, make sure it’s not blocked by any furniture. Homeowners actually find them less stuffy than normal central heating and choose infrared heating for its comfort and health reasons.

Do infrared panel heaters save energy?

The panels are run by electricity, although if you look hard enough you’ll find some oil and gas fired heaters too. If you’re using National grid gas then you’ll probably find them more expensive to run and gas is cheaper than electricity. However, if you’re on oil or electric heating, they’re certainly worth considering.

Annette Witheridge, co-owner of the Salty Monk restaurant and B&B has recently installed infrared heating and says: “Compared to the gas heating in the main building, the infrared heating in the fitness room is very efficient and low cost. It takes up little or no space, and it gives off a nice feeling of heat. It’s like standing in the sun. There’s no hot dry air.”

How much do infrared panel heaters cost?

Typically you can expect to pay more for infrared heating than normal electric heaters. There are plenty of styles and designs available though so you may well be able to pick up a bargain.

Generally you should look at spending between £150 and £500 for an infrared heater. Any more than this and really it’s worth looking elsewhere.

One company sells a 250 watt panel (30x90cm, 2.5cm deep and 3.5kg) for £160, and an 800 watt panel (60 cm x 120cm, 2.5 cm deep and 12.5kg) for £420.

Radiant heating is also eligible for non-domestic Green Deal finance.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Replacing your boiler will help you to save over £300 a year as you exchange an inefficient system for an efficient one.
  • A-rated boilers are the most efficient and will help improve your home’s Energy Performance Certificate rating.
  • By replacing your old boiler you’ll be able to avoid the costly repair bills if something goes wrong to your old boiler.
  • Infrared heating is very efficient as it heats you directly rather than the air around you.

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